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By Sitaji Devi

Most people do not have a good understanding about health.  I include my former self in that statement and admit that it took me quite a long time and many bouts with sickness before I learned how to eat right.  It has not been emphasized enough in our education system to leave any lasting impression on young people as they embark on their own into self-sufficient living.  Even the parents that are raising them probably don’t know enough about good eating habits to make informed decisions when food shopping and preparing the meals for their family.  These days many people eat fast-food out or buy prepared/packaged meals that deprive them of whole foods and nutrition.  Larger portions and eating a great amount of unhealthy foods like cookies and ice cream is destroying our society’s well-being. It tastes so good I know, but it is basically empty calories that deprive your body of the nourishment it needs.  Sugar has a multitude of negative effects on the body.

Enough about our bad eating habits we’ve grown so accustomed to, I’ll get right into the health challenges we create when we let the fast food establishments and the standard american diet (S.A.D.) dictate our nourishment requirements.  Due to an imbalance in our daily meals of too much meat, dairy, wheat and sugar, we are now one of the unhealthiest countries in the world with the most obesity, diabetes and heart disease.  Our bodies don’t stand a chance if we continue to eat foods that aren’t good for us.  Therefore we need to find a solution.  The Essenes, a religious group from the time of Jesus, stated the importance of detoxing the body and adopting a healthy lifestyle in order to be whole in mind, body & spirit.  One way to do this is by not eating before bed and giving your organs a chance to rest.  Also decreasing the amount we eat, never satiate yourself, it is good to stop eating at 80% fullness.

Most people’s bodies are overrun with unfriendly bacteria called Candida due to taking antibiotics combined with a stressful, sedentary unhealthy lifestyle.  While lacking live foods due to overcooking.  Once the body is compromised by an overgrowth of this fungus the internal organs begin to clog up and lose there ability to function properly.  We have discovered a solution to this problem and are excited to teach others how to be free of this epidemic–which wreaks havoc on your health, by lowering your energy level and libido and can cause many other emotional and physical illnesses.  Some examples are depression, moodiness, hormonal imbalances, thyroid disease, skin problems like eczema and acne.

It is essential to have a body that is alkaline in order to be free of diseases like cancer.  Scientists have discovered that cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment.  You can use test strips to determine your ph level–if it turns blue/green  you are alkaline/healthy or if it stays yellow you are acidic/unhealthy.   For years my strip stayed yellow, Type A blood types like myself have a high acid level in their digestive system which requires a lot of alkaline foods (green leafy vegetables) in their diet, they also need to keep their stress levels very low.  My spiritual practice of yoga and meditation relaxes me and is something we like to teach at our center.  Another way I keep my body alkaline is through diet, by eliminating sugar and drinking lemon in water and kefir (probiotic) which we teach people how to make without sugar and is part of the The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates.  We have many wonderful recipes to share.  It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to eat healthy.  It’s affordable, easy-to-do and you don’t have to feel deprived on this new way of eating, there are many alternative ingredients that make the food taste great.  Xylitol is a natural sugar substitute that comes from birch trees and it’s not only sweet it is anti fungal and good for your teeth.  There are many other types of flours to replace wheat (a gluten allergy which affects many, weakens the immune system, and can cause many health issues).

At The Center for Health & Spirit in Farmington, Maine we offer a stress-free, relaxing environment in nature to help set you on the right path to wholeness and a better way of life.  We offer retreats that train you in healthy cooking, relaxation methods and spiritual guidance.  Our meals are organic, vegetarian-based with some fish and always delicious!  You will learn how to menu plan, set up a healthy pantry, receive food shopping guidance and learn easy recipes.  We have a hands-on approach and would be happy to come to your home and help you organize your kitchen, take you food shopping and assist in meal preparation.  We understand that it takes time to change such deeply ingrained “bad” habits and that assistance may be needed.  We feel confident that after a weekend detox retreat you will leave with a good understanding of how to live better and eat for life.

One dollar spent on preventive care saves you $16 in medical expenses in the future.  It’s worth eating healthy to stay out of the hospital–good for your body and good for your wallet.

If you would like to look and feel younger and have more energy to enjoy your life, lose weight effortlessly and keep it off naturally–give us a call for more information about our upcoming retreats or to schedule a private in-home detox/healthy diet training.

Contact information, The Center for Health & Spirit, (207) 491-2313(Disclaimer) This isn’t meant to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any illness, we know that the body and nature heals itself when it has a strong immune system and a healthy environment.


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Many things in life are meant to teach us patience.  Especially these days as the pace quickens and we get out of breath trying to keep up with it all.


A great remedy for a hectic day is to intentionally slow it down by either taking a walk in nature or closing your eyes and focusing on your breath.  It’s amazing to see how fast relaxation comes when you take a moment to recoup and it doesn’t have to take much time.  The meditation on your breath could be a few seconds when you’re in the car stopped at a traffic light, feeling the air entering your nose as you inhale and exhale.  The walk in nature could be during your lunch break in a nearby park.  Combine the two and do what the Buddhists call a walking meditation.  You’ll find that when you stop and get fully present with yourself while doing these things, (something Eckhart Tolle calls being in the “Now”) it becomes easier to be patient.


I would consider myself a relatively patient person when it comes to ordinary things like standing in line at a check-out stand or getting stuck in traffic.  I usually can entertain myself quite well by either singing to a song on the radio or just spend the extra time daydreaming.  That is of course, if I don’t have anywhere I have to be at that moment, I don’t like to be late for my appointments.  So if that were the case, I’d have to do some deep breathing to accept the delay.


Our beliefs shape our thoughts and feelings about what happens in our day.  If we could cultivate a positive attitude about whatever shows up in life, we’d be more relaxed and probably a lot happier.  Trusting in the perfection of Divine timing.


Impatience means we are trying to get to the next moment.  It’s when we’re not happy with our current circumstance and we’re restlessly eager for something better.  It could be personal like an illness we want to be rid of, losing weight, a better job or it could be global like world peace, the end of poverty, freedom.  Acceptance of where we’re at right now is key.  The Buddha says, all desire leads to suffering.  So if we get caught up needing things to be different, we’re causing ourselves needless pain.  Therefore, it would be wise to cultivate a detached attitude when it comes to our wants and desires.  Prayer helps.  We can pray for change, but we better be willing to wait, it seems that God’s timing is unpredictable.  It doesn’t mean we have to sit back and be idle.  We can take steps towards our future by eating better and exercising for increased health; going back to school to get that better job; or heck work for ourselves, live off the grid and grow a garden to become more self sufficient.  It’s possible to make things better, we just have to believe in ourselves.  Be the change you want to see in the world, I think Gandhi said that.


As for world peace…..I think the world would become more peaceful if we could learn to get along with each other.  Families can’t even get along, how can we expect the nations to do any better?


Relationships can be challenging.  The quality of our lives depends on how we interact with those around us.  Some people are easier to get along with than others, and we can savor those experiences.  What do we do about the unpleasant ones?  Nothing seems to hurt as much as when we’re wishing to resolve an argument with another person.  Especially if we’re close to them or work with them and have to see them everyday.  Sometimes reconciliation can take awhile and we may feel rejected and abandoned if they withdraw from us.  As Tom Petty once sang, the waiting is the hardest part.  It’s hard to keep our hearts open in those moments.  It hurts, so we guard ourselves and pretend we don’t care or convince ourselves we’d be better off without them.


I’m in this kind of predicament right now with my partner.  We had an argument and I tend to be quicker to forgive than he is.  He likes to withdraw and take a lot of time to process and recover.  Sometimes it can takes days.  It causes me some stress because I’m the type of person who likes to talk it out.  That’s where patience comes in.  In the past I would have tried to engage him even if it was just to get him to argue more with me.  Strangely that used to make me feel better thinking that at least we were together and talking.  I have since realized that it made things worse and I would end up saying something mean just because I was hurt and wanted to hurt him too.  This is a form of aggression.  I’m sure many of us saw this type of destructive behavior in our families when we were growing up.  It’s not a pretty sight to vent your ego on someone.  Once you say something, you can’t take it back.  On the other hand, maybe you grew up in a family that neglected your emotions by withdrawing from you or hitting you and not allowing you to voice your feelings.


Our parents did the best they could and we don’t have to blame them for it, but we can learn from it and stop perpetuating unhealthy forms of communication.  We have to emotionally mature if we want our relationships to improve.  It’s time to relate to one another in a whole new way.  Speak our truth in a way that promotes love.  I have always felt the importance of speaking my truth, but sometimes the truth hurts.  I suppose it all depends on delivery and timing.  Some people are masters at linguistics and know how to say things even if it’s negative, in a way that makes people feel good.  Be patient with yourself if you don’t have this gift.  Keep trying to improve the way you say things.  If somebody writes you a nasty email you can respond by mirroring what they said and validating their feelings.  Overcome the urge to escalate the conflict with a cruel reply.  Realize they may be hurting inside and give them the love they truly need by responding with kindness.  I saw a bumper-sticker on a car that said, “Kindness is my Religion.”


That is how we can change the world….one benevolent act at a time.  That doesn’t mean that you have to make your enemy your best friend.  It just means that no matter what people do, we can rise above it and respond from a place of generosity and altruism.


The electricity went out while my partner and I were in discord.  An unexpectedly early snow storm hit the Northeast this October.  It’s been over a day and I’m waiting patiently for the lights to come back on.  Luckily, we have a wood stove, so the house is warm.  However, there are many things we take for granted in our modern lives, like running water and refrigeration.  When the power goes out, all of a sudden our minor everyday annoyances seem trivial and survival takes precedence.  That might be the ultimate reason we experience natural disasters.  It wakes people up and disrupts their reality to bring greater awareness.  Who cares who won the baseball game or about winning some petty argument when you’re freezing cold?  The concerns become more practical.


Did you ever notice how much more caring we all become when our normal lives get interrupted by some misfortune?  We reach out to neighbors and friends.  Our compassion and humanity returns because we’re forced to ban together.  Out of necessity we learn to get along.  My relationship problem resolved quicker because of the storm.  We had many chores which required us to work together.  Our hearts softened as we worked side-by-side and showed concern for each other.


Life has a funny way of working itself out.  It seems that the Universe was just waiting for us to surrender to love.  Right when I overcame my pride and asked him for a hug — mid-embrace — the electricity came back on!  Some may think it was just a coincidence, but was it?  Never underestimate the power of love.  Power outages are like spiritual tests, and once we learn the lesson, the problem goes away.


All life lessons come to teach us something and it’s best to be patient with the results.

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Forgiveness & Rememberance

Forgiveness & Rememberance (Photo credit: alex drennan)

The only way to get free of the past is by letting it go.  Completely!  Forgiveness can change your life.


How many of us walk around each day with a knitted brow, thinking how others have done us wrong?  Haunted by the past.  Angry or upset.  Unable to enjoy our life fully because we can’t let go of some injustice that was done to us.  Oh sure we have other more pleasant moments too, but underneath still resentful or worse vengeful towards someone who hurt us when we were younger or just the other day.  I heard a Unity Minister once say, true forgiveness is never telling your story again.  Stop complaining and move on.  A real example of forgive and forget, as they say.  A radical concept when taken seriously.  When you allow yourself to forget your “sad story” and stop recounting it to anyone who will listen, it automatically is forgiven because you can’t remember it anymore.  It’s over.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that you condone what happened to you.  You just choose to forget about it and go on with your life.


Sure easy to say, but harder to do.  This may be one of the hardest lessons to learn, but once you achieve success with forgiveness, then you will be truly free to enjoy your life.  I say this from experience.  The benefits of forgiveness are huge, good for the body as well as the Soul.  There have been studies done to show the negative effects the stress of prolonged unforgiveness has on the body.  Two in particular are increased risk of heart disease and mental illness.  Those who forgive were found to generally have lower blood pressure, less anxiety and depressive symptoms and better overall health as they got older.


A lot of our grievances are directed at others, but, the hardest one to forgive ultimately usually is our self.  We don’t even realize how angry we actually are at ourselves.  It could be for numerous reasons, like not becoming the person we were meant to be or something we said or did to another that we feel badly about.


I remember when I first got exposed to the idea that forgiveness has the potential of setting a person free.  It was a number of years ago and I was in a very bad place emotionally, remembering unpleasant details about my childhood and I was listening to a tape by Caroline Myss called, “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can” and she said that the only way to get free of the past is to forgive the person who hurt you.  I started to cry uncontrollably because at that moment I thought that I would never be able to forgive this person.  I thought I’d be doomed to this depression I was in for the rest of my life.  As it turned out though, many months later I did end up forgiving this person and I felt this amazing relief and it was like a rebirth to finally be free of my past.  I felt happier and my body got healthier as a result.  My depression went away.  I don’t know how that person is dealing with his thoughts about it, I don’t know if he’s forgiven himself, but it’s not necessary to even think about that because the true change and healing is for yourself.  We cannot change another, only ourselves.  If we don’t forgive, we’re really only hurting ourselves.  That other person probably isn’t even thinking about it anymore.


Even when you think you have done all the forgiving you need to do, something will turn up that needs to be addressed.  This happened to me just recently, a new piece of information came flooding back to me about my childhood and I saw more people I needed to forgive.  Our mind has a way of remembering things when we’re ready.  It’s like a spiral climbing up to the heavens, as we go higher and higher in our purification and healing process, through modalities such as meditation and all forms of therapeutic healing, our degree of awareness becomes greater.  However, as we forgive each offense, it becomes easier and easier to do.


The clearer we get emotionally, the more we can see and sometimes what we see is quite horrendous, but it’s necessary to look at it all and process our feelings and thoughts and realize that it’s not even real now, it’s just an unfortunate memory from the past to be released back into the nothingness that it came from.  Or at least that’s how I like to look at it.  Plus, the person who hurt you was hurting too and chose to take it out on you for one reason or another.


A Course In Miracles says that Only Love is Real, Everything Else is Just a Call for Love.


Try to look at negative life experiences as karmic lessons in this place I like to call Earth School, we all have light and dark within us, it’s part of living in duality.  We’ve had numerous lifetimes sometimes heroic, sometimes destructive, sometimes somewhere in between.  That is all part of the reincarnational journey, if you’re a Christian you can see it as the Born Again aspect of this life, to descend into the darkness of this world and find our way back to the Light, back to God.  Integrating these experiences into a balanced state of oneness is a form of spiritual alchemy and from it comes great understanding and compassion.  So forgive your enemies.  After all, you’ve probably been their enemy in a past life or even in this life you’ve most likely done something to hurt them at one time or another.  Forgiveness sets us all free.


You don’t have to implement my philosophy regarding the reasons to forgive.  I like to use many schools of thought and some of it may be hard to digest.  Take what works and leave the rest.  It doesn’t matter how you get to this point of understanding, it’s just important to get there.  Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself.  Making you a happier and healthier person and then the whole world gets to benefit because positive energy is life enhancing and makes the world a better place.


Sitaji Devi is a Professional Astrologer and Psychic Medium in Farmington, Maine offering “life coaching” Readings.  Her website is www.Sitaji.com.  Email or call sitajidevi@yahoo.com (207) 491-2313 to schedule appointments.

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If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.

(English Proverb)

I don’t give up easily.  I’m a Capricorn which is known as the mountain goat who is constantly climbing to get to the top, and if I fall down, I just pick myself up and begin my ascent once more.  Instead of dusting myself off, I take a nice, long hot bath.  All the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are relentless achievers and will stop at nothing to realize their goals.  Personally I think this is a trait we can use more of in this country.  People who will persist for a worthy goal.  Don’t just accept the status quo, especially if it goes against your morals, principals and well being.

I read the other day that the people of Blue Hill, Maine succeeded in passing a law that allows them to retain their rights for the sale of local agriculture, like raw milk and organic eggs.  It’s called the food freedom ordinance declaring sovereignty from government intrusion.  Good for them!  Hopefully, Farmington and the surrounding areas will be next.  I don’t want GMO’s in my food.

The Jehovah Witnesses know the meaning of struggling on with determination.  I don’t agree with their mission but I admire their tenacity.  We need more people willing to go door to door for progress and change.  We just watched the movie Erin Brockovich last night where she went to every sick person’s house in a California town to get them to sign the petition in a landmark case against PG&E, something like 600 people and they were rewarded over $300 million due to toxic waste poisoning.  PG&E stopped using that harmful chemical as well.  Her persistence certainly paid off!  Now she’s investigating the mysterious illnesses in upstate New York, I’m sure she’ll get to the bottom of it.

I’m more of the reclusive type, so I choose to facilitate changes through my writing, but I’m sure there are many willing to speak up for their rights in other productive ways like handing out flyers at the supermarket or ringing people’s doorbells and writing letters to Congress.  Maybe they just need encouragement to go out and make their voices heard.  After all, we are the home of the brave and land of the free — well at least that’s what our founding fathers intended from the get go.  Maybe we need to re-read our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  It’s time to get serious about what we want.  Do we want to continue on the course we’re on with TSA invading our privacy at the airports and governments deciding what’s best for us or do we want to have personal freedom to live our lives as we see fit?  I like the New Hampshire license plates that say, Live Free or Die.  Braveheart is one of my favorite movies.  William Wallace’s last cry for FREEDOM really inspired me.

This may conjure up some fear because we’ve been conditioned in our society these days to panic and worry under even normal circumstances with the threat of terrorist attacks, biological weapons and nuclear meltdowns.  Our quality of life has been compromised by endless wars, corporate greed and things like chemtrails.  Our rights are dwindling down with the most recent passing of a law that states we don’t even have a right for a trial by jury, it’s called the indefinite detention bill.

If we want to have our freedom back we need to persevere to remove all unnecessary fears from our life, like the fear of authority.  F.E.A.R. — stands for false evidence appearing real.  Fear is crippling.  A famous quote made by FDR was The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.    I heard it be said that to make it beyond 2012 we will need to overcome every fearful thought.  That the energies will shift after December 21, 2012 to zero point and it will be very easy to create whatever you think about.  No lag time.  Time and space will alter to the point of convergence and our thoughts will formulate instantaneously.  I don’t know about you, but I shudder to imagine what that will look like for those who think about dark things like zombies and evil aliens.  In these remaining months it is essential to take an inventory of our thoughts and emotions to see what needs to be weeded out of our consciousness.

Our subconscious mind reveals itself when we sleep through our dreams.  Are you having nightmares?  What makes you really scared, it’s time to overcome your fears.  If the dark is unbearable for you, like me — we need to go to bed with all the lights off and face the boogeyman.  If the thought of poverty puts you in a state of panic, you have to give more money away.  If you fear death, then you have to surround yourself with dying people — volunteer at a hospice and help people transition to the other side.  I’ve heard it can be a mystical experience to see the soul leave the body.

No matter what fear or desire you wish to work on it is essential to be optimistic to succeed.  Success usually doesn’t come without a lot of failed attempts.  Where would we be if Thomas Edison gave up?  We’d still be lighting candles and lanterns.  It took him a very long time to invent the light bulb.  Determination is a critical factor.

Infinite striving to be the best is man’s duty; it is its own reward. Everything else is in God’s hands. ~Mahatma Gandhi

There are so many things we can improve upon:  better health, relationships, career, anything that we believe is crucial to the quality of our life.  Listen to your heart when it comes to what you want to create in your life now.  If you hate your job, find a way to change it.  Learn a new skill, take a class to better yourself.  Do something you love.  If your health is poor, start the healing process.  When we’re sick we’ll do almost anything to get well again — pain is a great motivator.  Don’t be satisfied with taking a pill to mask the symptoms temporarily.  Research natural remedies online.  Traditional medicine may actually be causing more sickness than wellness.  Studies have shown that prescription drugs are one of the #1 killers, after heart disease and cancer.  Good quality food is the best medicine.  We are what we eat.  Instead of eating out all of the time and frequenting fast food establishments, go food shopping, buy organic fruits and vegetables — cook nutritious meals at home.  It’s economical and healthier.  The internet is filled with healthy recipes.

Start exercising, I know it’s cold out and not the best conditions right now for walking outdoors, but UMF has an excellent recreational facility with an indoor track, pool, exercise equipment and many classes to get your body in shape.  Exercise is good for the soul as well as the body.  If you don’t have any spare money to join a gym, just do more exercise at home, push ups and sit ups are probably the best tried-and-true work out you can do for your body.  You can get exercise dvd’s and follow along at home.  It’s important to learn proper technique though so you don’t hurt yourself and always warm up with stretching.  Set aside an hour in your day to take care of your body.  You’ll be grateful you did, when your health improves and you have more energy.

How about your house, is it filled with clutter?  Don’t wait until springtime, according to feng shui experts, there are many benefits from clearing your space.  De-clutter now.  Go through all your stuff.  My motto is if I haven’t used it in a few years, it goes to charity.  If you need the money, sell it on craigslist.  Imagine how much more space you’d have if you got rid of the clutter.  I use a three bin system:  keep, donate and trash.

Finally, we can persevere for love.   If you are in a relationship, allow it to be used for self development as well as enjoying the romance and companionship.  Conflict can teach us a lot about ourselves.  Don’t just take the easy way out by leaving.  However, domestic violence should not be tolerated.  So, unless your safety is at risk, I think it’s best to stick it out.  I’m not saying to force someone to stay with you, that would be like Kathy Bates in Misery.  Just do your part and don’t quit.  Communication is key.  What I have learned is that men want to feel respected and women want to feel cherished.  It’s really not that hard to do once we know that secret……why not have a love that lasts forever?

Sitaji Devi is a Professional Astrologer and Psychic Medium in Farmington, Maine offering “life coaching” Readings.  Her website is www.Sitaji.com.  Call (207) 491-2313 or email sitajidevi@yahoo.com to schedule an appointment.

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